Q: In which McDonald’s restaurants can I redeem my offer?

A: The mymacca’s Rewards SA app is available in participating South Australian Restaurants.

Q: How do I redeem my offer?

A: You must log-in to your Account in order to use the App and redeem Offers. You can redeem Offers at Front Counter, Kiosk and Drive Thru at participating restaurants. For further help, check out the Offers Tutorial in the Main Menu section of the App.

Q: What if my Offer Code won’t scan when I’m in the restaurant?

A: You can manually input your Offer Code into the Kiosk or ask a staff member to manually input your Offer Code at the Front Counter and Drive Thru.

Q: How long do I have to redeem my Offer? Will it expire?

A: All Offers are individually labeled with an expiry date. (For example: "Offer valid 08/08/2020 – 09/09/2020 at participating restaurants”)

Q: Can I run the App on a tablet?

A: Please note that this App is designed to be used on smartphones only.

Q: Can I use the App without a data connection?

A: This App does require a data connection and can not be used offline. 

Q: Will I still have the chance to redeem if I sign out of the mymacca’s™ account?

A: You must be signed into mymacca’s™ in order to redeem an Offer. 

Q: I have more than one Offer. Can I redeem more than one Offer at the same time?

A: You may only redeem one Offer per transaction.

Q: I accidentally hit the “REDEEM NOW” button and received the QR code, but I didn’t end up redeeming the Offer. Will the Offer disappear?

A: That’s ok! If you haven’t redeemed the Offer in restaurant, it will still be valid. For further help, check out the Offers Tutorial in the Main Menu section of the App.  

Q: I cannot find the answer in this FAQ?

A: Please contact our customer service team at mcfeedback@au.mcd.com.