Hot Fudge Waffle Cone

Our signature soft serve, layered in a crispy waffle Cone, topped with warm hot fudge

Available for a limited time at participating restaurants. Excludes McDelivery®

Updated: 28/11/2018
    Energy (kJ) 1160 943
    Energy (Cal) 278 226
    Protein (g) 5.3 4.3
    Fat, total (g) 6.3 5.2
    Saturated (g) 4.5 3.7
    Carbohydrate (g) 49.2 40.0
    Sugars (g) 32.9 26.7
    Sodium (mg) 109 88
Key: Y(Yes) T(Traces) Updated: 28/11/2018
  • Gluten Egg Milk Soy Fish & Crustaceans Peanuts Nuts Sesame Seeds Sulphites Lupin Preservatives Flavours Colours
    Y Y Y T Y Y
    Gluten Y
    Milk Y
    Soy Y
    Fish & Crustaceans
    Sesame Seeds
    Sulphites T
    Preservatives Y
    Flavours Y

Please be aware that there is always a risk that traces of allergens may be transferred to items on our menu during processing, storage or preparation in our kitchens. McDonald's is therefore unable to guarantee that any item sold is free from traces of allergens.

Updated: 28/11/2018
  • SUNDAE MIX: MilkMilk Solids, Sugar, Cream, Glucose (maize), Vegetable Gums (407, 407a, 412, 466), Emulsifiers (433, 471), Flavour.


    Milk, Sugar, Skim MilkMilk Solids, Cream, Glucose Syrup (Maize), Vegetable Gums (412, 407, 407a, 466), Emulsifiers (471, 433), Flavour.


    Milk, Sugar, Cream, Water, Maltodextrin (maize and tapioca), Dextrose (maize), Milk Solids, Vegetable Gums (412, 407, 466, 407a), Emulsifiers (471, 433), Flavour, Mineral Salt (339), Food Acids (330, 331).

    WAFFLE CONE: Wheat Flour, Raw Cane Sugar, Wheaten Cornflour, Vegetable Oil, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Water, Fibre, Salt.

    CHOCOLATE FUDGE TOPPING: Sugar, Water, Glucose Corn Syrup, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Olein (Soy Lecithin), Whole Sweetened Condensed Milk (MilkMilk Powder, Sugar, Lactose), Cocoa Powder, Whole Milk Powder, Thickeners (1422, 401), Salt, Stabiliser (339), Flavouring, Preservative (202).

    Contains gluten, milk & soy.

    SUNDAE MIX may contains TRACES of sulphites.