Workplace Safety

At McDonald’s we genuinely care about the safety and wellbeing of our people, and we are committed to providing a work environment free from harm. 

McDonald’s Australia has taken a public stance in response to workplace aggression and violence:  

•            We will not tolerate abuse, threats, violent behaviour or sexual harassment by anyone (employees, licensees, contractors, vendors, suppliers, 3POs or customers), either in-person, in writing or verbally.

•            We expect McDonald’s employees to be treated (and treat others) with dignity and respect.

•            We will provide a workplace considerate of crime prevention design principles and relevant to the surrounding demographic and social environment.

•            We will provide education and training to managers and crew to effectively manage unacceptable and aggressive behaviour.

•            We will visibly support managers and crew in their respectful handling of unacceptable and aggressive behaviour by validating their actions to their aggressor/s.

•            We will provide post-event counselling and support to managers and crew.

•            We reserve the right to address any behaviour that generates a reasonable concern for the well-being, safety and/or security of our employees, customers or others and may ask the aggressor to control their behaviour, leave the store, call the Police to lay charges, or issue an Exclusion/Banning Notice as is applicable to the circumstances