Supply Partners

Macca’s success relies on the “three legged stool” of the McDonald’s System – suppliers, franchisees and company employees – working effectively together to supply safe, quality food to the restaurants while also delivering value to our customers.

Some of Macca’s most significant supply partners in Australia include:

  • Turosi – beef, chicken products and fish;
  • Martin Brower - distribution;
  • Tyson – beef;
  • Inghams Enterprises – chicken products;
  • Simplot – fries and hash browns;
  • McCain – fries and hashbrowns;
  • ARYZTA – buns, English muffins, hotcakes, McCafe cakes;
  • Fonterra – signature cheese.
  • Lactalis Australia Pty Ltd - shake and sundae mixes.

Sustainable success stories

Many of our suppliers are making improvements, setting standards and being acknowledged for their quality environmental and employment practices. Some examples include:

  • French Fries supplier, McCain, has developed a new potato variety that meets McDonald’s quality requirements whilst providing greater productivity and environmental benefits. The potato uses significantly less irrigation water than other potato crops. In comparison to the potato variety used primarily by McDonald’s, this new variety is also more adaptable to dry conditions and more resistant to common pests and diseases. This means a reduction in the pesticide and fungicide used by farmers and also makes the safe storage of the potato simpler.
  • With a commitment to reducing waste to landfill Martin Brower Australia aims to recycle all waste cardboard and pallet wrap generated by incoming goods at each of their five Australian distribution centres.
  • Consumer packaging comes from legal and acceptable sources.