mymacca's® Mobile Ordering FAQs


Mobile Ordering

Q: What is Mobile Ordering?

A: Mobile Ordering allows you to order ahead via your mobile phone. You also browse the menu, save your favourite meals and restaurants, get access to exclusive offers and McCafé loyalty. Plus, you can view your Order History and find confort in secure payment processing. 

Q: Where is Mobile Ordering available?

A: Mobile Ordering is available via the mymacca’s Mobile Ordering app in all participating McDonald’s restaurants in Australia.

Q: How do I know if Mobile Ordering is available in my area or at my favourite Maccas?

A: All participating McDonald's restaurants will appear in the mymacca’s App, and will allow you to Place an Order, and Check-in to confirm your order in the app. Please make sure you turn on your phone location services, so that we can show you all of the available features in the App.

Q: What menu items are available for mymacca’s Mobile Ordering?

A: Many of our restaurants are operated by independent franchisees, so some menu items vary by restaurant and time of day. On top of this, some items are not yet available via Mobile Ordering. You will be happy to know that all of our McClassics® are on the menu. Our new Gourmet Creations range is in the app. And our most popular snacks and treats are easily found in the menu. We are always working to add more items to our menu, so please keep an eye on it.

Don’t see something you thought you would? The menu items will be displayed based on the selection you make to view either our Breakfast or Regular menu.

Q: How do I search for menu items?

A: Visit the menu and use the Search field at the top of the page, then type the item name or keyword into the search bar to find what you’re looking for.

Q: Is there a minimum number of items I need to order?

A: No, you can choose and order just one single menu item, or you can bulk up your order with customised meals for your family and friends.

Q: How do I order an Extra Value Meal on the Mobile App?

A: When you select a McDonald’s burger, McWrap®, salad, Hotcakes or McMuffin®, the ‘Item Only’ option will be selected by default. To order a meal, you will need to select a Small Meal, Medium Meal or Large Meal option via the buttons on the product display page. You can also choose to ‘Make it a Meal’ when you’re viewing the item and your order in the Cart, which will return you to the product display page so you can select the meal size you want.

Q: Can I change my Order?

A: Yes, you can add or remove items from the Cart before you Place your Order and before you Check-in at a participating McDonald’s restaurant. Simply Edit your order in the Cart and make necessary changes.

Q: Can I cancel my Order?

A: There is currently no ‘cancel’ function after you have placed your order; however, your purchase is not officially made and your payment card is not charged until you Check-in at the restaurant where you’re ordering and picking up the food. So, you can empty your Cart at any time before you Check-in at your selected a participating restaurant.

Q: How many orders can I send to McDonald’s restaurants at a given time?

A: You can send only one Mobile Order at a time, and you can only send one order to a participating restaurant at a time.

Q: How do I complete and pick up my order?

A: When you arrive at your selected participating McDonald’s restaurant, you will need to Check-in to finalise and pay for your order. When you Check-in with your preferred pick up method, your order is completed at the participating restaurant you choose and your payment card is charged. Make sure you only Check-in when you are at the restaurant or in the carpark, and make sure your phone’s location services settings are turned on.

Q: Can I send my order to a restaurant now and pick up at a later time?

A: Yes, but your order will not be officially confirmed and prepared at the restaurant until you Check-in at the restaurant. Once you have Checked-in and officially finalised your order via the app, your Order Code will be valid for 2 hours from the time you confirmed it. 

Cashless Mobile Payment

Q: Why was my order total updated?

A: Updated order totals at Check-in can result from unavailability of certain products, changes in price, taxes or other fees required by law due to your arrival at a different participating restaurant than you originally selected or a different time. Many of our restaurants are operated by independent franchisees, so some menu items vary by restaurant and time of day.

Q: What type of payment cards can I register to use with Mobile Ordering?

A: You can register your Visa, Mastercard and Amex. Other forms of cashless payment will be coming soon.

Q: Does McDonald’s charge me to register a payment card to use with Mobile Ordering?

A: No, McDonald’s does not charge for card registration. When you register a payment card to use with mymacca’s Mobile Ordering, McDonald’s third party provider sends an authentication request to your payment card issuer. This request may be reflected as a temporary transaction on your account. For most card brands, this is a temporary $0 transaction; however, use of some payment card brands may reflect a temporary $1 transaction that is subsequently reversed. Each card issuer and payment card brand is different, so please check with your payment card issuer for more information.

Q: Can I register Apple Pay, Android Pay or my mobile wallet to use with mymacca's Mobile Ordering?

A: No, unfortunately you cannot yet register Apple Pay, Android Pay or your mobile wallet for automatic payment of your mobile orders at this time. These and other forms of cashless payment will be coming soon.

Q: How to do I add, remove, and edit payment card information?

A: You can only add or remove payment card information from the My Account and Checkout screens. To add a payment card, simply enter details as prompted on the form and click ‘Save.’ To remove a payment card, visit the payment methods screen in the My Account section and swipe left on the card you want removed. At this time, we do not allow editing of payment card information, so if you’ve made a mistake, you’ll have to delete it and then add it again.

Q: When is my payment card charged?

A: Your payment card will not be charged until you Check-in at the participating restaurant to complete your order and pick up your food. The app displays a ‘processing payment’ message when this is being confirmed.

You will be emailed a receipt of purchase, to the email you provided on your mymacca’s account.

Q: Who charges my payment card when I complete an order?

A: The McDonald’s restaurant that completes your order is the merchant of record.

You will be emailed a receipt of purchase, to the email you provided on your mymacca’s account

Q: What if I have an issue with a payment or want a refund?

A: Please contact your bank if you have any questions about charges reflected on your payment card statement (i.e., errors, duplicate charges, etc.). To dispute a McDonald’s transaction for a duplicate charge on your debit or credit card, you need to follow-up with your bank or credit card provider and they will research and take the appropriate action.

Also, please be sure to view the receipt we emailed you after your purchase.

Q: How do I get a receipt for my order?

A: You will receive an email receipt of your order upon successful completion of your order and transaction. On occasion, you may also receive a printed receipt from the McDonald’s restaurant in addition to the email receipt.

Q: Why is my email receipt different from my order?

A: If you make any changes or modifications to your order in the restaurant, you may receive an updated printed receipt that reflects your changes or modifications.

Q: Are the prices in the Mobile App the same for all restaurant locations?

A: Prices vary by participating restaurants. Many of our restaurants are operated by independent franchisees, so some menu items vary by restaurant and time of day.

Changes in products, pricing, taxes or other fees required by law can result from your Checking-in at a different participating restaurant than you originally selected when you created your mobile order. Changes can also result from the unavailability or outages of certain products, changes in price, or other reasons.


mymacca's Favourites

Q: What account info can I access in the mymaccas Mobile Ordering App?

A: You can access your provided personal information (name, email, password and postcode) via the My Account screen, and your payment information, past orders, and favourites (menu items, orders and restaurants).

Q: Can I save or favourite my orders, menu items and local restaurants?

A: Yes, you can favourite your orders, items from our menu, and favourite McDonald’s restaurant locations.

Q: Can I reorder my most recent order?

A: Yes, you can reorder items from your recent order.

Q: Is KJ info available in the App?

A: Yes, kJ info is listed with menu items throughout the app and displayed with your Order.

Q: Are all McDonald’s promotions available in the Mobile App

A: No, unfortunately not all promotions are available in the mymacca’s Mobile Ordering app at this time.

Q: Do I get McCafé Loyalty punches with Mobile Ordering and can I use Mobile Ordering to redeem a McCafé Offer?

A: Yes, to receive punches automatically simply place a mobile order with any qualifying McCafé hot drink. Your punches will display in the app after a few minutes.  Once you have received you free coffee redeem it in app or by scanning at kiosk.

Q: Can I add an offer to my Mobile Order?

A: Yes, you can add a mymacca’s Mobile Offer to your Mobile Order. Simply view the Offer and select ‘Apply to Order’. Alternatively, ‘Scan’ will allow you to redeem the Offer while you’re completing a Kiosk offer.

Notifications & Error Messages

Q: Why am I seeing an error message about my payment card?

A: If your payment card is declined or if there is another issue with your payment card, you will receive an error message when you Check-in. If this happens, you can add another card.

For further information about the status of your card, please contact your financial institution.

Q: What happens if an item I selected is unavailable when I try to Place my Order?

A: If any item in your Cart is not available, you will receive a notification when you Check-in so you can make any necessary changes.

Q: Why am I being notified about a price change to my order?

A: Pricing varies by participating restaurants, so if you sent an order to one participating restaurant and decide to Check-in at another participating restaurant, you’ll receive a notification of any price changes.

Location Services

Q: What are Location Services?

A: Location services is a setting in the mymacca’s Mobile Ordering app that lets us know when you are in the vicinity of your order location, so we can start to prepare your order. You have choices as to location services: “Never”, “While Using the App”, or “Always”. If you choose “While Using the App” or “Always”, McDonald’s will use your current location.

Q: Why should I turn on Location Services?

A: If you choose “While Using the App” or “Always”, McDonald’s will use your current location to locate nearby restaurants. This setting is key to placing and picking up a correct order.

Feedback/Contact Us?

Q: How can I provide feedback on my Mobile Ordering experience? How can I contact McDonald’s?


mymacca's Rewards

Q: I downloaded the mymacca’s Mobile Ordering app, but do not see any Offers.

A: You must be registered within the app and be in a participating market in order to see Offers. Make sure your location services are turned on by going to your device settings. You can turn on location services by going to your device settings and locating the McDonald’s app.

Also, once you register it may take up to 20 minutes for all deals to first show up in your app.

Q: What does the Scan button and QR code do?

A: While we recommend you apply any Offers to your Mobile Order, you can also redeem Offers and McCafé Loyalty inside the restaurant at Kiosk. If you want to do so,

scan the QR code on the Kiosk scanner (lower left of the unit). This allows our system to read the QR code and apply the offer to your Kiosk order. Please see a crew member if you need assistance.

Q: Can I use the mymacca’s Mobile Ordering or Offers outside of Australia?

A: No, the mymacca’s app and associated Offers are only available at participating restaurants in Australia.

Q: Where will my Offers appear within the app?

A: Your Offers will appear within the “My Rewards” section of the menu. 

Q: How many Offers can I redeem at one time?

A: You can only redeem one Offer per person per Order. There is also a limit of one account per customer.

mymacca's Account Info

Q: Why do you need my email address?

A: Having a confirmed identity for app users will allow McDonald’s to better serve our customers and deliver personalised Offers. It is also a security measure to reduce fraud.

If you are signed up to receive McDonald’s Emails, we will also use your email address to communicate with you regarding the app, events, promotions, mymacca’s Rewards, how we make our food, and what we’re doing to give back.

Q: Should I use the same email address on multiple devices?

A: Yes, you should use the same email on multiple devices. Once an Offer is redeemed on one device it will be marked as redeemed on all devices, via your mymacca’s account.

Q: How do I remove the app from my phone?

A: We hope you never need to delete the mymacca’s Mobile Ordering app, but if you do, here’s how… iPhone® users: hold your finger over the app until the “x” appears, then tap the “x” to remove the app from your phone. Android™ users: select Settings -> Manage Applications -> Downloaded. Choose the McDonald’s app and press Uninstall. On some devices, such as the Google Pixel, you can also hold the app icon and drag it into the trash can.

Note: Removing the app from your phone does not delete your mymacca’s account with McDonald’s.

Q: How do I delete my account?

A: We hope you don’t want to! But if you do, just launch the app and access the mymacca’s Account screen from the Menu. When your Account screen has loaded, scroll down and select Delete Account. We hope this isn’t goodbye…

Q: How do I update my name?

A: Launch the app and log in if you aren’t already. Access the mymacca’s Account screen from the Menu. From here, view and edit your first and last name.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Again, go to the mymacca’s Account section within the Menu. From here, you can change your mymacca’s password.

Q: How do I change my postcode?

A: You guessed it – access the mymacca’s Account section from the Menu. From here, you can change and update your postcode.

Q: How do I make the McDonald’s Wi-Fry work for the app?

A: If you have not connected to McDonald’s Wi-Fry in the past, choose our Free Wi-Fry from your Wi-Fi options and click “Get Connected” when the Web Page appears. If you have connected to our Wi-Fry in the past, your phone will automatically try to connect you to the McDonald’s Wi-Fry at a restaurant. Double check that you are connected to McDonald’s Wi-Fry, and then open your phone’s Internet browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome) and go to any web page. From there, you will be presented with a McDonald’s web page. Click “Get Connected” and you’re all set! Remember, you can also use your phone data to use our app. Make sure to turn off Wi-Fi in your phone settings to make sure you are only using your phone data.

Additional Information

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