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How MyMacca's Mobile Ordering works?

May 23, 2022

Mobile Ordering via the MyMacca's app gives you more of what you love with MyMacca’s, so you can order, earn & enjoy.

Is the full menu available on Mobile Ordering?

Yes, the full McDonald's menu is available on Mobile Ordering.

Are there exclusive promotions for Mobile Ordering?

The MyMacca's app gives you access to exclusive deals and promotions, as well as our MyMacca's Rewards program. Learn more here

Fast, Safe & Secure payments

Make your Macca’s run a speedy one! Just add your card and we will safely secure your details for a quick and easy checkout. All payments made using Mobile Ordering on the MyMacca's app are processed securely for your peace of mind.

To learn more about Mobile Ordering click here