Connecting to Macca's Free Wi-Fi

May 23, 2022

Connecting to Macca's Free Wi-Fry® is simple.

How do I connect?

1. Select Macca's Free Wi-Fry® on your devices Wi-Fi settings.

2. Select the blue OneClick button.

3. Accept the terms on the Wi-Fi portal page.

4. You will be directed to the McDonald’s website home page. When you see this, you are connected and ready to take advantage of Macca’s free Wi-Fry®.

How long does connection last for?

Free Wi-Fi at Macca’s gives you a connection for up to 60 minutes or up to 250 MB (whichever occurs first) within any calendar day, across participating McDonald's Australia premises. After this time, you will automatically be logged-out of the Wi-Fry® until the next day.

Our service powered by Telstra is available at the majority of participating restaurants. Click here to see if your restaurant is powered with our Fast and Free Wi-Fry®

For more information on our Fast and Free Wi-Fi, click here.


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