MyMacca's Rewards

Earning Limits on MyMacca's Rewards

March 13, 2024

Are there earning limits on MyMacca's Rewards?

You can accumulate a maximum of 40,000 points at any one time. You will reach an earning cap after 20 transactions (which includes both earning transactions and redemption transactions) in a rolling 24-hour period (“Earning Cap”). Any transactions placed after reaching the Earning Cap will not earn reward points (if they are made in the same 24-hour period as the first 20 transactions), but will still be counted towards your Earning Cap and may impact when you can start earning points again. For example: if you make 23 transactions in a 24-hour period, you do not earn points on the last 3 transactions and you will need to wait until 24 hours from your 23rd transaction to start earning points again.


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