MyMacca's Rewards

Redeeming MyMacca's Rewards

April 20, 2022

How do I redeem MyMacca's Rewards?

To redeem through Mobile Ordering on the MyMacca's app:

1. Open the app and select 'Rewards'
2. Find the item you wish to redeem.
3. Select 'Add to Mobile Order'

To redeem in-restaurant:

1. Open the MyMacca's app and select 'Rewards'
2. Find your reward and select 'Use at Restaurant'
3. Provide the generated code before you start your order by either reading it at the Drive-Thru window or entering it in at the Kiosk.

Can I redeem a reward and earn points in the same order?

You only need one code per transaction. This means you can earn points and redeem rewards in the same order.

Simply share your code to redeem your free item and you’ll automatically earn points on every dollar you spend on eligible items. The same is true for any codes you use on your order, which means you can earn on every dollar spent on eligible items while collecting points for your next feast.

Can I redeem MyMacca's Rewards with McDelivery?

Unfortunately, you can not redeem MyMacca's Rewards via McDelivery.


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