MyMacca's Rewards

What happened to McCafé® Loyalty Punch Card?

April 20, 2022

McCafé Rewards is now part of MyMacca's Rewards, meaning you'll be rewarded for just about everything you purchase at McCafé!

Will my current punches in my McCafé Rewards card appear when I sign up?

Yes! We'll turn all your coffee punches into points when you sign up, so you won't lose a thing. Cheers to that!

Will my free coffees be transferred to MyMacca's Rewards?

If you already have existing free coffee(s) through McCafé Rewards, then those free coffee(s) will be appear in your MyMacca's Rewards when you sign up! Just give us 30 minutes to make this happen.

Will my free coffees expire?

You’ll have until the 31st December 2022 to redeem. After that your existing McCafé® rewards will expire.

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