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About MyMacca's App

May 23, 2022

There's so many reasons to download the MyMacca's app. Order ahead, skip the queue, save your favourites, customise your order and get exclusive access to all the best offers and so much more!

Can I order directly on the MyMacca's app?

Mobile Ordering via the MyMacca's app allows you to skip the queue and place your order at a participating McDonald's restaurant ahead of time. Click here to learn more about Mobile Ordering.

How do I customise my order?

When you order via the MyMacca's app you can add cheese, hold the tomato and make any other changes to suit how you like your Macca's. We'll remember these customisations plus your other favourites for the next time you visit too!

What exclusive offers are available?

They can be anything from $1 Large Fries, to a free Frozen Coke, to 50% off a Big Mac Meal!

Does MyMacca's have a loyalty system?

MyMacca's Rewards is the loyalty system within the MyMacca's app. With MyMacca's Rewards, you'll earn points from every Macca's purchase that can be redeemed on millions of amazing rewards! Click here to learn more about MyMacca's Rewards.

Is McCafé included within MyMacca's Rewards?

All eligible McCafé purchases will go towards MyMacca's Rewards. Click here to learn more about MyMacca's Rewards. 

Can I use the MyMacca's app in the Drive Thru?

Yes, the MyMacca's app can be used in our Drive Thru, but remember to take care of your personal safety and never use your phone whilst driving.

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