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McFavourites Bundle

May 23, 2022

The McFavourites Bundle is full of everyone's favourites from the Macca's menu.

What's in the McFavourites Bundle?

Your choice of any 4 burgers:
Big Mac® |Quarter Pounder® | McChicken® | Filet-o-Fish® | Cheeseburger | Chicken ‘n’ Cheese | Hamburger

4 x Medium Fries
10 x Chicken McNuggets®
2 x Dipping Sauces
4 x Medium Soft Drinks

Can I order the McFavourites Bundle on the MyMacca's App?

The McFavourites Bundle is not available on the MyMacca's app.

When can I order the McFavourites Bundle?

The McFavourites Bundle is available from 10:30am at participating restaurants.

What other dinner bundles are available?

To view our full range of dinner bundles, click here.

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