Monopoly 2022

October 14, 2022

From McChicken to Mayfair, find out everything you need to know about Macca's Monopoly.

Q: How do I register to play the Monopoly Game at Maccas?

A: Download the MyMacca’s® app from the App Store or Google Play. Sign up or sign in with an existing MyMacca’s account during the promotional period.

Q: Where is the Monopoly Game at Maccas app this year?

A: Like last year, the Monopoly game will be within the MyMacca’s App. You can download this from the App Store or Google Play.

Q: How can I access the Monopoly game within the MyMacca’s app?

A: Please click on the Monopoly banner at the top of the home page in your app to access the game.

Q: How can I redeem my physical food tickets?

A: Please be sure to scan these into the MyMacca’s app to receive your entry into the second chance draw. To redeem, you will need to hand the physical ticket to the crew member serving you in restaurant. These will not display in your app stash.

Q: What menu items are eligible for Monopoly tickets?

A: Please visit to see all eligible Monopoly ticketed menu items.

Q: How many instant win food prizes can I redeem?

A: You can redeem one food prize per transaction. However, there is no daily limit. Please let a team member in the restaurants know if you are wanting to redeem more than one ticket.

Q: Do I need to retain my game tickets to claim a prize?

A: Yes, it is important you keep your game tickets. These are used as part of the verification process when claiming prizes during the Monopoly at Macca’s game.

Q: I have some questions regarding my Free Sport Session/Free Hobby Session/Free Admission Offer, where can I get help?

A: For these 3 prizes, please reach out to our prize partner here

Q: Can I redeem food prizes through McDelivery?

A: Unfortunately, food prizes cannot be redeemed through McDelivery, all food prizes need to be redeemed at McDonald’s restaurants.

Q: Can I earn loyalty points when playing the Monopoly Game at Maccas this year?

A: Yes! You can continue to earn loyalty points on eligible food purchases.

Q: I need support, where do I go?

A: Please reach out to us here for further support. Please note, our operating hours at 8am – 5:30pm Sydney time Monday – Friday, excluding 3rd October 2022 Public Holiday.

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