MyMacca's Rewards

30 Days 30 Deals

November 02, 2023

Q: How can I get these deals?

A: Easy! Download and sign up to the MyMacca’s® app via Google Play or the Apple App Store. Once signed in, read and accept the Terms and Conditions and set your location.

Q: I now have the MyMacca’s App, how do I redeem my deal?

  • Open the app and tap 'Rewards & Deals'
  • Tap your deal
  • Then choose how to use your deal: To redeem in restaurant, tap “Add to

MyMacca’s Rewards Code” From there your unique code will appear. Just provide your code at the start of your order. To redeem via the MyMacca’s app, tap “Add Mobile Order”.

At this time, you can’t redeem a reward with a delivery order.

Q: Can I earn loyalty points on deals?

A: Yes. $1=100 points. That means you’ll receive 100 points for every dollar you

spend on eligible purchases including your deals!

Q: Can I swap the daily deal for something else?

A: Unfortunately, the daily deal cannot be swapped for another product.

Q: Are all deals available all day?

A: Some of our daily deals are only available between 10:30am – 11:59pm. See the terms and conditions in app for redemption times.

Q: Can I save the daily deal to use for later?

A: The daily deal is only available for the day that it is issued. We have a new special deal every day, so you can't save it for a different day.

Q: For single menu items, can I upgrade to a meal?

A: Unfortunately, the deal cannot be adjusted. You can always add a fries and drink on the side for an additional charge.

Q: Is there a daily limit to the number of daily deals I can redeem?

A:These deals limited to one use per transaction, per customer, per unique code daily. In the case of Drive Thru orders with multiple customers in one vehicle, most restaurants permit up to 2 orders per vehicle.

Q: I downloaded the MyMacca's App, but do not see any deals.

A: You must be registered within the app and at a participating restaurant in order to see your deals. Ensure your location services are enabled by accessing your device settings. Locate the MyMacca’s app in your settings to activate location services.

Please keep in mind that after registering, it may take up to 20 minutes for all deals to become visible in your app.

Q: Can I use bonuses and deals in the same transaction?

A: Absolutely! As long as you meet the eligibility criteria for both the bonus and the deal, you can use them together. Be sure to carefully review the bonus details to understand its requirements, and then simply unlock it and add it to the same order as your other deals and products.

See more information on bonuses here:

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