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Bonus Points

September 11, 2023

MyMacca’s Rewards: Bonus Points - Getting to your rewards faster!

Earn points faster with MyMacca’s Rewards Bonus Points. This article breaks down how Bonus Points work & how to unlock and use them.

What Are Bonus Points?

Bonus Points are extra points that you can earn on top of the points you already earn for your orders within the MyMacca’s Rewards loyalty program. Bonus points give you an opportunity to earn more points to get to you rewards even faster.

Unlocking & using Bonus Points: A simple guide



Access your Bonus Points
Select your Bonus
Open the MyMacca’s app and tap "Rewards & Deals” and scroll down to Bonuses. Alternatively you can tap the "Bonuses" banner on the home page.Browse available Bonuses and select your desired bonus.




Unlock your bonus
Add your Bonus
After understanding the bonus eligibility, tap “Unlock now” and add it to your order.Add the Bonus to your cart along with your chosen items. Remember to select the same order method as your basket, e.g, McDelivery, Code, or Mobile Order & Pay.


Remember you must meet the bonus criteria:


Every bonus comes with specific criteria, they may include purchasing certain products, using a specific payment channel, making a transaction during a particular time of day, reaching a minimum spend amount, redeeming a specific deal, or making multiple purchases, just to list a few.


How will I know if I have unlocked my bonus?

Simple. If you have unlocked your bonus, you will see “unlocked” text animate with a tick mark. You will then be given option(s) on ways to use the bonus. They may include:

  • Add to Mobile order
  • Add to McDelivery order (Via MyMacca’s)
  • Add to MyMacca’s rewards code


Automatic point addition:

After meeting the criteria and completing your order, your Bonus Points will be added to your account automatically. This addition may take around 60 minutes to see in your account after you have completed your transaction.

Checking Your Bonus Points: See if your Bonus Points have been awarded.


Open the MyMacca’s App:

Launch the app on your device.

Navigate to your point history:

Tap "Rewards & Deals" and then select "View history” in the top right hand corner of the screen. Bonus points will be automatically be added to your total points earned or points awarded.

Email Confirmation (Opt-In Customers):

If you've opted into our email marketing communications, you'll receive an email confirming your Bonus Points after unlocking and completing the criteria.

Important Notes:
  • Once earned, the Bonus will no longer appear in the app's bonuses section.

  • Each Bonus includes a description and terms for more information.

  • Bonuses requiring multiple purchases:
    • Bonuses requiring multiple purchases: There are sometimes bonuses where to be eligible for bonus points you must make more than one transaction including a particular product or reaching a particular spend. For these it's important to read the bonus information carefully as they may require you to make a particular purchase more than one time but in separate transaction. A separate transaction is a separate order that may occur on the same day or subsequent days within the time frame specified on the bonus. Ensure you allow at least 60 minutes between each transaction ensure the next bonus has loaded into the app.

Unlock, Earn, and Enjoy more with MyMacca’s Rewards Bonus Points.

For any queries or assistance, our customer support team is here to help.

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