Get Sponsored

We receive lots of great ideas on how we can get involved in various types of events. To best present your proposal, read the tips below to see if your idea meets our criteria, then apply for either a local, state or national sponsorship.

Application tips

What we're looking for:

We want to deliver valuable benefits to the wider community. We want to help children live a more balanced, active and enriched lifestyle. Our sponsorships must reflect a grassroots and community focus.


What we’re not looking for:

Being one of many sponsors in a cluttered commercial environment.


What we need from you:

In your proposal, please include:

  • Name, details and credentials of your organisation
  • Whether it's a local, state or national sponsorship
  • Description of the event or project
  • Where and when the event is held
  • Project timeline
  • Profile of the target audience
  • Details of other confirmed sponsors
  • Media partners and details of confirmed exposure
  • Level of sponsorship sought (principal, co-sponsor, supplier etc)
  • Value-in-kind and cash requested
  • Details of all the benefits of the sponsorship with an estimation of their worth
  • Any further ideas you wish to include


National/State sponsorships:

Please contact Customer Service via the contact page

Local sponsorships:

Please refer any local sponsorships to your local restaurant Manager.