A message from our CEO to our Crew

Friday, 20th March


Dear Macca’s team,

Thank you for the commitment and effort that you continue to deliver in our restaurants each day.

We take our responsibility as an employer of over 105,000 Australians seriously and I want to take a moment to reassure you that - as always - the health and safety of our people is our priority.

You may have seen the Government’s announcement of bans on non-essential gatherings of 100 people or greater in indoor areas. I want to confirm that this ban does not apply to McDonald’s restaurants, and there is no need for us to change the options we provide to our customers.

The Government has also made a point of emphasising the importance of keeping Australians working and businesses open to support the economy. We are committed to following all Government guidance during this uncertain time to ensure we continue to make a positive contribution to the Australian community.

This month we have introduced additional measures to continue to ensure your safety, such as:


Contactless Service

This week we introduced contactless service options in-restaurant, via drive-thru and with McDelivery. This was put in place with your wellbeing front of mind, and removes the need for contact with our customers or delivery drivers.


Increased Sanitisation Procedures

In response to the current environment we have increased our cleaning and sanitisation procedures for contact surfaces including our kiosks, tabletops, benches, door handles and floors.  All restaurants are equipped with anti-microbial hand wash for you as an employee, and also for customers to use. It’s important that you adhere to these strict procedures and regularly wash your hands to protect yourself and guests to our restaurants.


Gloves for Every Employee

We have also expanded our protocol relating to the use of gloves in our restaurants. Now we require every employee to wear gloves at all times throughout their shift. Full details on the updated requirements will be available on metime in the coming days.


Looking Ahead

I want to remind you, it’s important that if you feel unwell, or encounter one of the following circumstances, you contact your Manager, who will guide you on the next steps with regards to your employment during this time:

1. You are diagnosed with coronavirus,
2. You are advised you have been in close contact with someone exposed to coronavirus,
3. Your school or university partially or fully closes. 

Please also feel free to reach out to your Operator or the Employee Relations Hotline on (02) 9875 7200 if you have any other questions about your specific circumstances.

Don’t forget that all employees and their direct family members also have access to our 24/7 Drake Workwise program, which is a free and confidential service that provides counselling support for any concerns.  The Drake Workwise contact details are 1800 084 525.

If we make any further changes to our working arrangements or the way we’re operating our restaurants, we will keep you updated.


Kind regards,

Andrew Gregory
Chief Executive Officer
McDonald’s Australia