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McDonalds reveals multi-million-dollar local shopping list

13 October 2023

McDonald’s Australia purchased more than 280 million kilograms of Aussie produce, products and ingredients in 2022, resulting in a total spend of more than $800 million across the local supply chain.

McDonald’s 2022 Shopping List was sourced from more than 14,000 Aussies suppliers and farmers, and features the highest number of beef, potatoes and chicken purchased in 10 years.

The full 2022 Shopping List includes:

  • 137 million kilograms of Aussie potatoes for our iconic Fries and Hash Browns
  • 38 million kilograms of Aussie beef for our much-loved 100% Aussie beef burgers
  • 26 million kilograms of Aussie RSPCA Approved chicken for Chicken McNuggets and burgers
  • 56 million litres of fresh Aussie milk for Sundaes, Shakes, Frappes and coffee
  • 18 million kilograms of Aussie wheat flour for buns, apple pies and tortilla wraps
  • 2 million kilograms of Aussie cucumbers for Macca’s signature pickles
  • 82 million cage-free Aussie eggs for McMuffins
  • 4 million kilograms of Aussie lettuce
  • 2 million kilograms of Aussie tomatoes
  • 1 million kilograms of Aussie onions
  • 1 million kilograms of Aussie apples for Apple Slices and Pies

McDonald’s has supported the local agricultural industry for more than 50 years, sourcing great quality produce, ingredients and products from farmers located in every State and Territory.

Tom Mahony, Senior Director of Supply Chain, McDonald’s Australia, said: “As one of the largest restaurant companies in Australia, we are passionate about recognising the important role Aussie farmers play in helping us serve our iconic Macca’s menu to millions of customers a day.

“From beef farmers in Queensland to lettuce growers in South Australia, Macca’s has longstanding relationships with thousands of farmers across the country, who supply everything from the pickles on our burgers to the milk for our sundaes.

“McDonald’s supply chain is one of the strongest in the country, built on a culture of long-standing partnership and collaboration. Through the commitment of all of our suppliers, we are able to serve up the great tasting, great quality menu our customers know and love.”

One of McDonald’s 14,000 farmers and suppliers is Ben Parle, a third-generation pickle farmer from Griffith, New South Wales. Ben’s family has been the sole supplier of McDonald’s iconic pickles for 33 years after Ben’s parents started their family business in 1990.

Ben Parle, McDonald’s pickle farmer, said: “It’s remarkable that McDonald’s took such a leap of faith on a small-town farming family. When my parents started the pickle business the average farmer would grow about 2 hectares. This season, we’ll grow around 250 hectares.

“McDonald’s is our favourite and only customer and we are so grateful for their continuous partnership and investment in our family-run business. It means we get to do what we love and continue to grow great quality pickles for Macca’s iconic products.

Ben’s go-to Macca’s order? “Definitely a Big Mac with extra pickles!”

Federal Agriculture Minister Murray Watt said: “Aussie produce is the envy of the world, and we’re so lucky to have it in our meals each and every day.

“Through Maccas’ local shopping list, not only do we get to enjoy quality home-grown ingredients, but we’re also doing our bit to back Aussie farmers.

“Supporting our growers and producers puts money back into communities, boosts jobs and helps regions to thrive.”

Minister Watt’s favourite Macca’s order: a Medium Classic Angus meal.

In addition to the 38 million kilograms of Aussie beef that was purchased for Aussie restaurants, McDonald’s also exported more than 26 million kilograms of Aussie beef to restaurants across the world in 2022.

Chief Executive of the National Farmers’ Federation Tony Mahar said Macca’s commitment to Australian farmers was commendable.

“We love to see retailers building sustainable long term sourcing relationships with farmers. McDonald’s commitment to its Australian supply chain is helping support farmers and, by extension, rural communities across Australia.

“To see the growth and success of the export business is also fantastic. The idea that Aussie beef is being served up in Big Macs across the globe is something we can all be proud of,” Mr Mahar concluded.