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Return of the Mac Family at Maccas

03 April 2024

3 April 2024: The nation’s favourite burger dynasty is back at Macca’s, with the return of the Mac Family for a limited time only.

 From 3 April, the Big Mac taste customers know and love will be available in four ways with the iconic Big Mac, its little sibling the Mac Jr., its big sibling the Grand Big Mac and a side of Onion Rings served with Big Mac Special Sauce – a Big Mac for every kind of hungry.

The classic Big Mac features two 100% Aussie beef patties, crisp iceberg lettuce, melting signature cheese, onions and pickles between a toasted sesame seed bun, finished with Macca’s signature Special Sauce.

Boasting all the same flavours of the Big Mac, the Mac Jr. is a smaller single-patty variation of the original burger for those seeking a more compact burger experience.

Living up to its title, the Grand Big Mac is for the Big Mac lover who wants to enjoy even more of what they love, featuring bigger patties and bigger buns.

To accompany the family reunion, crispy Onion Rings served with Big Mac Special Sauce, will also be available for when you’re craving something crunchy.

Samantha McLeod, Marketing Director for McDonald’s Australia said, “The Big Mac is a true global icon and one of our most popular menu items, delivering feel good moments for our loyal customers for more than 50 years in Australia.

“Featuring layers of tasty goodness, a unique balance of savoury, meaty and tangy flavours plus the iconic Special Sauce, the Big Mac is instantly recognisable, forever memorable, often imitated, but never quite replicated.

“To celebrate the universally loved burger, we’re giving Big Mac loyalists and future Big Mac lovers the gift of choice with our new Mac Family range, offering even more ways to enjoy its iconic taste - with more to come…”

A global icon

Tall in stature and easily recognisable, the Big Mac has stood the test of time since its 1968 launch.

In 1974, the term “Special Sauce” was coined, becoming a global phenomenon, but it wasn’t until 2012 that McDonald’s revealed the ingredients to the previously top-secret recipe.

In the same year, the Big Mac was honoured with its own signature song about its seven, all encompassing ingredients that make the iconic burger what it is –– “Two-all-beef-patties-special-sauce-lettuce-cheese-pickles-onions-on a sesame seed bun”.

From 1986, the Big Mac became so globally recognisable, spanning countries and cultures across the world, that The Economist created the Big Mac Index to measure currency exchange rates.

McDonald’s Australia has sold over 1.2 billion Big Macs across 55 years1 – enough Big Macs to circle the earth three times, with nearly three million customers purchasing a Big Mac every month2. It’s a globally recognised taste, no matter which Macca’s, Micky D’s or McDo customers visit.

The Mac Family and Onion Rings served with Big Mac Special Sauce are available at Macca’s restaurants nationwide, via the MyMacca’s App from 3 April 2024, for a limited time only.   

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1 McDonald’s Australia, June 2023

2 Nielsen Clear Decisions, September 2023

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