Food quality and sourcing

Country of origin

Quality ingredients for quality food.

We use the best ingredients to make all of your favourite Macca's® meals. So, whether you're in Brisbane or Broken Hill, you'll always get the same great quality and taste.

Macca’s is a big supporter of Australian suppliers, purchasing quality ingredients and products such as locally-sourced beef, chicken, milk, wheat, crisp lettuce and fresh tomatoes.

Macca’s purchased ingredients and products containing the following produce from suppliers across Australia*:

Local beef

30.3 million kgs

Fresh milk

68.9 million litres

Wheat flour

23.6 million kgs


17.9 million kgs


7.2 million kgs

Fresh tomatoes

1.6 million kgs


5 million kgs


133.3 million kgs


1.8 million kgs

Whole shell eggs

84.5 million

*Based on 2020 figures.

*McDonald’s Australia is committed to supporting Australian producers and manufacturers. Our first preference is always to source from within Australia whenever it is viable and appropriate to do so. However, subject to changes due to availability or seasonality, produce may be imported from other countries.

Bacon & Egg McMuffin®

Sausage & Egg McMuffin®

Hash Brown



Big Mac®

Quarter Pounder®


Chicken McNuggets®

Apple Pie

Thick Shake

*Country of Origin information provided is correct and updated as at June 2023.