Big Mac - Campaign


Up for a quick challenge? Memorise the chant and come back soon.

A lot’s changed since 1968. We sent man to the moon. Hair got big. Then small. Then, big again. Skirts got shorter; socks got longer. And cars started driving themselves.

But one thing has stood the test of time- the BIG MAC®.
Same delicious ingredients. Same delicious taste.

Unchanged for 56 years!

It truly is the #TheOriginalMouthful™. And in more ways than one, with a chant that’s travelled across time and ingrained itself in the hearts and minds of Aussies. One that’s ready to be let loose on the next generation.

A one-of-a-kind flavour that now comes in 3 sizes

Meet the Mac Family range. Now there's a Big Mac® for every kind of hungry.
But, for a limited time only.

Available after 10:30am. Serving suggestion. Mac Jr.® and Grand Big Mac® available for a limited time.