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McCafe® Coffee

April 20, 2022

McCafé Coffee is coffee fit for an Aussie.

What's on the McCafé Coffee menu?

Explore the range of coffee crafted by our expert baristas here. {link}

What blend of coffee does McCafé use?

We use 100% Arabica Coffee beans in our new McCafé blend for a smooth, consistent flavour.

Does McCafé have decaf options available?


What milks options does McCafé have available?

Skim Milk, Soy Milk, MILKLAB Oat milk, MILKLAB Almond Milk, Full Cream Milk, Lactose Free Full Cream Milk, Skim Milk, Lactose Free Skim Milk

Is your coffee machine made?

McCafé Coffee is made by our expert baristas, exactly the way you like.

Can I add to my coffee order?

We have a variety of add ons so you can enjoy coffee just the way you like it. This includes Sugar, Chocolate powder, Splenda sweetener, Whipped cream, Raw sugar, Sugar syrup, Hazelnut flavour, Vanilla flavour, Caramel flavour, Half and Half Milk, Oreo, Marshmallows and Honey. Please note however that extra charges may apply

What time can I order McCafé?

McCafé Coffee can be ordered 24 hours at participating restaurants.

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