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Unlocking exclusive offers on the MyMacca's App

April 20, 2022

Unlock exclusive offers only on the MyMacca's app.

Where do I find Macca's Rewards & Deals?

Macca's offers can be found within the 'My Rewards' tab of the MyMacca's app.

How do I redeem a Macca's reward or deal?

Tap on the reward or deal you'd like to redeem.

Mobile users: Add the offer to your Mobile Order.
In-Restaurant & Drive Thru: Press 'Use Restaurant Code' and enter it on the Kiosk, or tell one of our friendly crew members behind the counter or at the Drive Thru speak box.

No offers are showing up on my MyMacca's app?

You must be registered and be in a participating market in order to see Macca's Rewards & Deals.
1. Make sure your location services are turned on in your device's settings.
2. Wait 20 minutes for all deals to appear in your 'My Rewards' tab.

Can I redeem more than one Macca's offer or deal per person, per order?

Unfortunately, you can only redeem one Macca's deal per person, per order.


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