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Setting your location in the MyMacca's app

April 20, 2022

It's important to have your location services switched on for functionality in the MyMacca's app.

Why do I need location services switched on in the MyMacca's app?

Location services let us know when you are in the vicinity of your order location so we can begin to prepare your order. You have choices as to location services: “Never”, “While Using the App”, or “Always”.

If you choose “While Using the App” or “Always”, McDonald’s will use your current location to locate nearby restaurants. This setting is key to placing and picking up a correct order.

Can I choose which McDonald's restaurant I order from?

There are three ways you can set your location in the app:

1. Select the restaurant you'd like to place your order at
2. Order using the same restaurant you last ordered at
3. Select your closest restaurant.

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