Our Impact

Community connection

We are committed to supporting our local communities.

At Macca’s, we are proud to play an active role in neighbourhoods all over Australia. One of the ways we do this is by supporting groups and charities that are important to our customers and people.

Together with our franchisees, we commit millions of dollars each year to support activities, events and groups that help Aussies lead active lifestyles, develop skills, care for the environment, and support one another through times of crisis.

Our 40-year-long partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities is at the heart of this commitment.

Ronald McDonald House Charities®

For more than 40 years, McDonald’s has partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities, providing funds to help them support over 30,000 families each year through vital accommodation programs such as Ronald McDonald Houses, Family Rooms, Family Retreats.

Together with our customers, we have raised more than $61 million through McHappy Day. Every time a customer purchases a bottle of water, we donate 10 cents directly to Ronald McDonald House Charities, raising more than $10 million to date.

Learn more about how Ronald McDonald House Charities supports seriously ill and injured children, across the country.


 For the past 12 years, McDonald’s has partnered with Aussie charity Foodbank, helping to support Aussie families in need.

Since 2011, we’ve donated over 440 tonnes of grocery items from our distribution centres, ensuring people right across Australia don’t have to go without.

Local initiatives

Together with our franchisees, we contribute millions of dollars each year to support groups and charities that are important to our customers and people.

Keeping Australia tidy

McDonald’s is a founding partner of Clean Up Australia Day, helping to keep communities tidy and waste out of nature.

Since 1990, more than 130,000 of our employees have volunteered on Clean Up Australia Day, removing more than 7,000 ute-loads of rubbish from communities.

McDonald’s has also donated over $5 million towards the partnership and clean up kits.

Providing books in our Happy Meals

Through partnering with the Australian Federation of SPELD Associations (AUSPELD), we’ve supplied over 33 million children’s books in our Happy Meals since 2009. 

AUSPELD supports the learning and language development of both children and adults. As our book creator and partner, they help us create informative and engaging books for families to enjoy. 

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