Our Impact

Our planet

We are committed to using our scale, purchasing power and platforms for good.

Together with our customers, employees, franchisees, farmers, producers and suppliers, we’re finding ways to reduce emissions and keep waste out of nature. From minimising how much plastic we’re using in our customer packaging, to driving climate action, investing in renewable energy and partnering to advance sustainable agricultural practices that promote good land management in our supply chain.

We are also working towards reducing emissions in restaurants through using LED lighting, solar panels and heat recovery water systems where possible. 

Reducing plastic and addressing litter

Since 2018, we’ve been working towards all customer packaging being made from renewable, reclaimed or certified materials (excludes pre-packaged goods), while continuing to support our partners to help keep waste out of nature.

Advancing agricultural practices

Learn more about how we’re working with partners to advance agricultural practices that promote good land management in our supply chain. 

Climate action

In 2021, McDonald’s globally pledged to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and join the United Nations Race to Zero Campaign.

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Community connection

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Food quality and sourcing

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