Q: Do I need to purchase an item to receive the daily deal?

A: No, the daily deal can be purchased by itself.


Q: Do I need to have the app to claim the daily deals?

A: Yes, you will need to download and sign up to the MyMacca’s app to be able to enjoy the deals.


Q: Can I save the daily deals to use later?

A: No, the deals are only available for one day. Each day is a different daily deal and cannot be saved to use on a different day.


Q: Can I swap my daily deal for something else?

A: No, the daily deal cannot be swapped for another product.


Q: Can I add more items to my order if I have an offer to redeem?

A: Absolutely, you may choose to redeem an offer and also order other products from the menu.


Q: For single item offers, can I upgrade it to an Extra Value Meal?

A: No, the offer item cannot be adjusted. You are welcome to order additional fries and beverages if you wish however.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of daily deals I can use?

A: You are only able to purchase one daily deal per day per transaction. 


Q: Do I have to spend a certain amount to get the discounted offers?

A: Yes, there is a minimum spend requirement of $15 to be able to redeem the 40% off deal, and a minimum spend of $10 for the 20% deal.