Ingredients & Nutrition

Find out everything you wanted to know about Macca’s® food

What's In It

What’s in it?

Want to know what ingredients we use? We’ll show you so you can be confident of what you’re eating.



You want to know what’s in your food, it’s important. Check out the nutritional values of our menu and see how it relates to your total daily food intake. 


For over 40 years we’ve been proudly supporting homegrown legends and their family farms. And when you eat at Macca’s®, you are too.

Country of Origin

We use the best ingredients to make all of your favourite Macca's® meals.

How We Make our Food

Your favourite Macca's® burgers are now hotter, juicier and tastier. 

Our Commitment to Families

We aim to make changes that really matter, in particular, our commitment to families and kids’ nutrition.