Macca's® People

An employer of opportunity.

At Macca’s, people are the key to our success.

With some 100,000 people employed across the McDonald’s Australia system, we are one of the largest employers and trainers in Australia.

From our franchisees, to our corporate staff, to our restaurant managers and crew; our people make the difference in the quality of our customers’ experience.

Our People Mission at McDonald’s Australia is to be recognised as an ‘Employer of Opportunity’. We create an inclusive and respectful environment, empowering our employees to serve our customers in the way they know best and providing the freedom for our people to earn and learnin a way that meets their needs. 

A fair workplace

McDonald’s knows the value and importance of providing an environment where everyone can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. We promote equal employment opportunity (EEO) to ensure that our employees enjoy a harmonious work environment that is free from harassment, bullying and unlawful discrimination.

Diversity & inclusion

McDonald’s is proud of its approach to diversity and inclusion. We respect the unique attributes and perspectives of our people, and we rely on these diverse perspectives to help us build and improve our relationships with each other, our customers, and our business partners. We embrace the diversity of our employees, franchisees, customers and business partners, and we work hard to make sure everyone at McDonald’s feels welcome.

McDonald’s provides equal employment opportunity and believes in merit-based decision making. Unlawful discrimination has no place in our business. We apply this approach to our dealings with customers, and to our employment decisions, including recruitment, hiring, placement, development, promotion, training, scheduling, benefits, compensation and termination.

Promotion on merit

At Macca’s, we believe in putting “aces in their places”. This means that in recruiting, training, developing and identifying employees for advancement; opportunities are available to all, and our decisions are based on team and individual performance and ability.

Being disability-confident

McDonald’s is a long standing supporter of employment opportunities for people with disability. We aim to ensure that we address the needs of people with disability whether they are employees or customers. Our training programs aim to ensure that our people are ‘disability confident’ so we always provide helpful and respectful service.

A responsible employer of students

McDonald’s is major employer of young people in Australia and we take this seriously. It is our responsibility to support an appropriate balance between schooling and employment, to ensure our employees have the best opportunity now and into the future.

We have a Responsible Student Policy to support the academic commitments of young people and a flexible rostering system that accommodates work and study.

Respectful Workplace Policy (harassment and discrimination prevention policy)