With the Create Your Taste® menu, you’ve got plenty of gourmet ingredients to choose from. That means you can build your burger as unique as you are.

We’ve got just the bun for you (even if you don’t like buns).

Toasted brioche  style bun

Baker's bun

Ciabatta Bun

Angus beef

Grilled chicken breast fillet

Gourmet crispy chicken

Grilled halloumi

A truly tasty selection for all the cheese lovers out there. 

Natural Cheddar

Swiss Cheese

McDonald's classic cheese

Shaved parmesan

Tasmanian brie

Grilled halloumi

Turn up the taste

A range of special ingredients to give your burger the X factor. 

Crispy bacon

Rasher bacon



Tortilla strips

Grilled pineapple

Check out our new range of gourmet salad ingredients. 

Whole leaf lettuce

Lettuce wrap

Lettuce wrap



Caramelised grilled onion

Long sliced pickle

Sliced beetroot

Red onion


Get saucy

Like a bit more flavour? You’re in luck. We’ve got 11 sauce options to choose from.



Big Mac® Special sauce



Chipotle mayo

Herb aioli

Tomato and onion relish

Chilli lime aioli

Available 10.30am  - 10pm at participating restaurants
In restaurant only. Not available through mymacca’s mobile ordering.