Since 1971, the Big Mac has been made with homegrown Aussie ingredients.

The only way you could make it more Aussie would be to flip it down under.

So this Australia Day, turn your Big Mac upside down and enjoy it the Aussie way.

Meet some of our local farmers who help make the Big Mac an Aussie legend.

Meet the Corrigan Family, some of our Beef Farmers.

Meet Kaine, one of our Lettuce Farmers.

Meet Tony and Ben, our Pickle Farmers.

To say thank you, we unveiled a monument dedicated to our farmers on Australia Day, the Down Under Big Big Mac.

See the full story of the Down Under Big Big Mac.

Show your Aussie pride wherever you are and enjoy your Big Mac the Aussie way. Good onya mate! 

Step 1:

Buy a Big Mac

Step 2:

Turn it upside down.

Step 3:

Share a snap of you enjoying your Down Under Big Mac with #downunderbigmac