Quality Assurance

It's all about quality.

People keep coming back to our restaurants because they enjoy and trust the food we serve them. Over the past few years we’ve included healthier options on our menu and improved our sustainable sourcing practices.

We regularly conduct research into how our customers feel about our menu and communicate with health professionals, Health Ministers and other experts.

Keeping our food safe

Providing customers with safe food is our first priority and our most critical responsibility. To ensure the integrity of our food safety system we have hundreds of stringent food safety procedures in place at every stage of the food preparation process, based on the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) approach.


Menu choice

We're committed to help our customers confidently make healthier choices when visiting our restaurants. We have been on a continuous  journey to improve our food, and a number of menu changes have been made over the years to improve the nutritional value of our food. For example:

  • Reduced sugar content in our buns to just 5%
  • Introduced salads and wraps
  • Reduced the sodium content of our signature cheese by 20%
  • Happy Meal Choices menu, which enables parents and children to select meal components to suit individual tastes and dietary requirements. Choices include, Cheeseburger, Hamburger, 3 or 6 pack of McNuggets, Wholemeal Chicken Snack Wraps, Apple Slices, French Fries, Garden Salad, Carrot Sticks, Straberry Yoghurt, Calci-Yum flavoured low fat milk, Water, Sparkling Water, Apple Juice or Orange Juice.

Sustainable coffee

Every cup of coffee at Macca's® and McCafé® is solely made with beans from Rainforest Alliance™ farms.

The Rainforest Alliance is an independent, non-profit environmental organisation that promotes improved standards for sustainable forestry, farming and tourism. Working with farmers in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Asia, East Africa, West & Central Africa, South America, Mexico & Central America, the Rainforest Alliance makes sure the coffee beans are grown in a sustainable way, protecting the ecosystem.

Conditions are also improved for workers and their families, helping to ensure a future for the rainforest, for coffee farmers and for their children.

The McCafé® blend is sourced from Brazil, Honduras, Kenya and Ethiopia.


Animal welfare

We're working with our suppliers to ensure the humane treatment of animals. All our beef, poultry and pork suppliers' processing plants are regularly checked by independent auditors like AUS-MEAT to the strict industry standards and McDonald's global standards. In addition, all of our Chicken is 100% RSPCA Approved.

Nutritional information

Macca’s is committed to helping our customers make informed decision about their food choices. This is why all the nutritional information of our products is available on our website.

100% RSPCA Approved Chicken

We are proud to source 100% RSPCA Approved chicken for our menu. Being RSPCA Approved means our chicken comes from farms where birds are raised in an enriched barn environment with space to move, good lighting and can perch, dustbathe and forage - which ultimately leads to better health and welfare for animals.

Sustainable Tea

Our range of Zoetic Teas are Fairtrade certified. Fairtrade is an independent, non-profit organisation that exists to end poverty through trade by addressing social, economic and environmental concerns. Fairtrade ensures that farmers and workers are paid fairly and that they can invest in important community development projects to create a brighter future for their families and communities.