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What's in it

Quality ingredients for quality food.

We use the best ingredients to make all your favourite Macca's® meals. So, whether you’re in Brisbane or Broken Hill, you’ll always get the same great quality and taste.



We use Granny Smith apples in our apple pies. Picked from orchards in regional NSW and Victoria, each apple is turned into a crisp, piping-hot apple pie. On occasion we may need to use Pink Lady apples to assure supply.


We love the unique flavour and crisp texture of Iceberg and Cos lettuce. Grown by farmers in Australia we make sure the lettuce is always kept chilled, never frozen.


We like our fries and hash browns fluffy on the inside, crunchy on the outside. That’s why we use potato varieties like Russet Burbank, Shepody and Russet Ranger.


Our tomatoes are picked straight from the vine. Delivered to our restaurants fresh, never frozen, then sliced in our kitchens every day.


We use only 100% Australian beef from companies like Australian Food Corporation to serve you the best burgers.

Angus Beef

Our 100% Aussie Angus beef burgers are made from Angus beef. Known around the world for its quality and taste, we source our Angus beef from Aussie farmers.


We only use quality 100% Australian RSPCA Approved chicken, supplied by familiar brands like Inghams


The Pollock and Hoki used in our fish portions is caught in some of the world’s cleanest waters. We cook our fish in a canola oil blend.


The Eggs we use in our breakfast McMuffins® are Cage-free and 100% Aussie, from suppliers like Pace Farm and Sunny Queen Farms.


Our shakes and sundaes are made with blends of dairy ingredients including fresh milk from Parmalat. 

Bread rolls and muffins

Our bread rolls and muffins are all steamed or toasted in our kitchens just before we serve them to you, nice and warm. Before that? They’re produced by ARYZTA.

Canola oil blend

We use a blend including canola and sunflower oils to cook with. Like all vegetable oils, it’s cholesterol free and has 85% less trans-fat than our previous blend.

Coffee beans

All hot coffee served in our restaurants and McCafé® is made using 100% Arabica beans, specially selected from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.